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Scoutmaster Minutes

Here are several Scoutmaster minutes that can used for Eagle Court of Honor and Troop Meetings:


Once a long time ago a hound was out with his owner trailing a mountain lion. The hound came to a place where a fox had crossed the trail, and the hound decided to follow the fox instead of the lion.

A short time later, a rabbit crossed that of the fox, and again the hound changed direction. Why should he chase a fox when a rabbit might be easier to catch?

When the hunter finally caught up with his hound, the dog was barking at a small hole in the ground. The hound had brought to bay a field mouse instead of a mountain lion.

Well, how about you? Have you set out on a trail to achieve your ambition? Are you able to follow it, or are you sidetracked by easier trails that cross it from time to time?

Don’t be like that hound. Find out what it takes to achieve your ambition, and then get started. The best way to achieve anything in life is to set a true course for it and then stick to that trail.

10 Tips to Get Along

Here are 10 tips to improve how you relate to other people.1. Smile at people – it takes sixty-five muscles to frown, only fifteen to smile
2. Call people by name – to do that, you need to learn their name
3. Speak to people – take a chance and approach someone new
4. Be friendly – if you would have friends, be one
5. Be cordial – speak and act as if everything that you do is a real pleasure
6. Be interested in people – find out what makes them tick
7. Be generous with praise – stingy with criticism.
8. Be considerate of the feelings of others – think what impact your words will have before you speak them
9. Be thoughtful of the opinions of others – there are three sides to a controversy; yours, the other person’s, and the right one.
10. Be ready to serve – helping someone strengthens that bond of friendship.

Failure Teaches Success

Failure is not a comfortable feeling and more often than not we have it in our lives. But if we can use it to measure what it takes to be successful then failing becomes a tool we can learn from. If we take the time to look at our failures it will teach us what we have to do to be successful. It forces us to self analyze who am I and what I did. Winning is an easy pill to take. Often swallowed rapidly, cherished and we move on. We must use failure as a teaching tool. If we don’t take the time to learn from our failures then we have really failed at becoming successful and have gained nothing by failing. So failing teaches us how to be successful.

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