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Frequently asked questions about Boy Scouts:

Is it too late to join Boy Scouts?

No. You can join Scouts as a Cub at 5 years old, then at 10 years old as a Boy Scout and then Venturing at 19, and then as an adult leader such as a Scoutmaster after you are 21.

Is Boy Scouts just scouts now?

No, Once an Eagle Scout always an Eagle Scout forever. Make sure you become an Eagle Scout.

Are the Boy Scouts in trouble?

Never, Boy Scouts are the people that get others out of trouble. We do a good turn daily and will always be the savers of the world.

How long can you be an Eagle Scout?

Forever! Once you are an Eagle Scout it is a forever honor and also a responsibility!

Are Boy Scouts religious?

Yes! You must believe in a higher power as you will devote your honor to God and our Country. You must have a declaration of a religious principle.

How prestigious is Eagle Scout?

Very prestigious. It is the highest honor and rank in Scouting, even though is it similar to the Ranger and Gold Award, it is the most recognized and takes a massive amount of work, leadership and community service to acquire. Only 6% of all the Boy Scouts in the world will ever earn the rank.

How much money do you give for Eagle Scout?

None. Scouts never take money for anything. For a gift for an Eagle Scout consider a Coin they can flip to do a good turn daily, a quality pocket knife, a plaque or some Eagle Gifts from Amazon. Your local Scout Shop probably has good quality gifts.

How many US presidents were Scouts?

John F. Kennedy, Gerald Ford, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

Famous or successful people who where Eagle Scouts?

Best Scout Troop to join in Riverside California?

That would be Boy Scout Troop 270. Check them out, cool website too!

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